Canoe Kayak trainings presentation, for children and teenagers on the River Sorgue, in Vaucluse.

Canoe Kayak initiation trainings on the River Sorgue

The CCKI offers a five days Canoe Kayak initiation training for children and teenagers : Monday to Thursday from 10 a.m to 12 p.m (kayak discovery with aquatic activities, near the CCKI), and on Wednesday the River Sorgue tour from 9 a.m to 12 p.m.
Individualized program eased on the level of the participants. Average age of the participants : 8 to 16 years old. The training's supervision is ensured by a certified professional.


1 child : 150€
2 children : 270€
3 children : 390€
4 children : 510€

moyens de paiement
If you don't wish to book online, it's possible for you to pay on site by credit card, travelers checks or cash.
You'll then have to contact us on the phone to book your training.

Conduct of the training sessions

All sessions are adapted to the groups, eased on the level of the participants ; these sessions allow the children to discover the steering / propulsion operations of their boats, include balance games and collective games, teaching how to handle the embarcation and the paddle with ease.

The ease learned in these four first days will allow the groups to fully enjoy the River Sorgue Tour of the last day, in which they'll discover the natural environment of the river, its wildlife and plants.


The CCKI will provide your child with a kayak, a kayak paddle (two blades) and a life jacket, all adjusted to his or her size.

Apart from the essential swimsuit, plan for your child a pair of water shoes and an extra dress for the end of the session.
Do not forget to bring enough protection against the sun : hat, sunscreen, and tee-shirt to wear under the lifejacket.
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The members of the CCKI Team, all certified with a State Degree or a professional Card, will provide quality training sessions for a playful Canoe Kayak initiation on our beautiful river, the Sorgue.

The CCKI, a sport association

Throughout the year, the Club de Canoë Kayak Islois supports its young athletes in the learning and improvement of this particular sport : they engage in local, national and even international races and events.